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    Need a little {sacred} space? Want to flow, breath & strengthen your body? Join Atlanta's {sacred} thread yoga for a month of yoga, meditation and more.

  • Yin Flow Livestream with Annelise

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    For this week we'll listen to the music of Janet Jackson... This class works into deep hip opening and a bit of flow before a restful savasana

  • {sacred}sweat - This Week's Livestream - 40 Mins

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    Flow with breath through a creative sequence that works into the inversion of handstand... Clear alittle wall space if needed! Grab two blocks and a strap. Music for class... https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3lktZAVk5cbXMYNaLm9KKT?si=-4Z_KaGFTYqn-9TvvvCQzw

  • Speak with Malerie Goglan

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    Speak is a practice centered around uncovering what you need to do more research on, what you’ve been fermenting for too long and the power of your voice. With this recognition comes the reminder of how powerful your story and experience is and what can happen when you express yourself. Our pract...

  • ACT with Stefanie Boettle

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    This practice is part of our 3-Part series on Yoga Activism... What do you think of when you hear the word "to act"? Doing something powerful, exerting lots of energy, getting busy...? ACT is a practice around what it means to move into action in an authentic way and most importantly in a way th...

  • How to Keep Your Practice During Pregnancy

    8 videos  |   Rent $159

    When we get pregnant our life rapidly changes. While it's a beautiful time, it can also be unnerving, intimidating and sometimes even a bit painful. This series is developed for experienced yoga students with a consistent practice (or who have been practicing casually for years) who want to main...

  • Begin - A Series to Start Yoga Now

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    Always wanted to practice yoga but not sure where to start? Join us for this comprehensive series to demystify yoga and build a foundation for health, strength, and vitality. Annelise Lonidier leads this 20-hour program that dives into ALL aspects of yoga in an approachable way.

  • Sun Salutations with Annelise, 45 Minutes

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    I'm calling today's practice "just add water" because it's about cultivating what you already have... your wisdom, your body's inherent truth. I encourage you to find your own music that fits your mood or to use silence and honor your breath... Grab two blocks and a strap

    If you want a suggeste...

  • Yin + Restore w/ Annelise, 45 Min Hips & Hamstring

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    For today's practice we are working inner and outer legs, hamstrings, hips and just a touch of shoulders... Grab two blocks, a blanket, a bolster, and any other props that might be of value (suggest a second blanket, a second pillow or eye pillow)

  • {sacred}flow All w/Malerie (Cycles of the Heart)

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    This all levels 50-minute flow focuses on the cycles of the heart - the waxing and waning of vulnerability and love. We are building up to wheel pose and embracing the sacred shape of a circle. For this practice you'll need A strap and a block

    I curated a playlist just for you on Spotify...grab...

  • Yin with Malerie (Fire-Infused Yin)

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    A 60-minute fire-infused yin practice with a sweet surrender in the end. This sequence includes a little engagement and movement for a new take on your yin experience. We will dive into the hips in a variety of ways for a complete release.

    You need a blanket, two blocks and a bolster for practi...

  • Yin Flow Livestream with Annelise

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  • Yin with Malerie (Shoulders on the Wall - 60 Mins)

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    Yin is a wonderful way to release built up tension in the connective tissue. In this sequence we are focusing on the shoulders. For class please set your mat up by the wall.

    I curated a special playlist for practice - grab it here on Spotify...

  • {sacred}flow All with Malerie (the Give & Take)

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    The heart needs give and take to find balance. We want to extend compassion and love to others but we also need to receive those things. I suggest the mantra aham prema which translates to "I am divine love". This sequence builds towards camel. For class you'll need the wall and a blanket!


  • {sacred}flow with Annelise (the Long Journey Home)

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    Wanna listen to music? Grab it here:https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2WhtVbUe7ScQ7oDp2vO7Gg?si=rT1ckq3aSqSYeL8IFPUMpQ - Today's practice acknowledges and is built around the idea of perseverance and mindfulness. It honors the LONG journey - delayed gratification and one-pointedness. We'll flow t...

  • Restorative with Malerie, 30 Minutes

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    In this restful 30-minute restorative practice you'll need two bolsters, three blankets, two blocks and a strap (or equivalent household items) as we work to settle into a 4-posture sequence with a deep, supported savasana.

  • {sacred}flow Advanced with Annelise, 20 Minutes

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    This 20-minute high energy flow will give you ample opportunity to take flight..with handstands. This sequence is great for a wake up or after a tough day when you want to burn off aggression. Have a clear wall space as using the wall will allow you to truly fly without inhibitions.

  • Mindful Hot with Annelise, 45 Minutes

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    Our Hottest Practice with a Slow-Flow Pace..Join Annelise for this 45-Minute practice of Aparigraha (non-attachment) and work into Warrior 3 + a series of shoulder openers to expand the heart and fold deeper into your own wisdom. If you want to release the hamstrings and open the back heart and s...

  • SACRED STRENGTH : A 4-Week Program to Get Strong

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    Looking to tone or build strength? This 4-week online program focuses on building strength through asana thru strong, creative transitions, movements and poses.

    You'll get access to 12 30-minute practices that target a specific area of the body and specific types of strengthening movements. The...