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We are committed to neighborhood studios that reflect the diversity of the city & country we live in but what happens when those studios can no longer be open?


Our space is more than a power yoga studio, although, we will help you sweat and build strength.  Our space is more than a restorative studio, although, we will help you find stillness and heal. ​ Our space will inspire you to trust your intuition and uncover what brings you joy.  But when our space closed for COVID-19 in March 2020, we began to reinvent ourselves.  How could we be a "local studio" without a brick & mortar location?  How could we recreate the healing vibes you get in our Old Fourth Ward Oasis in your living room?  And while we were faced with critical constraints like all businesses - we knew we had to push on and answer questions like these.  

The result?  A dynamic approach to delivering classes into your living room and a realization that the magic of yoga is beyond just the class's an ability to practice daily in a way that never pushes you beyond your edge but instead gives you tools to find joy in life.  

Take a peak at our 7-Staple Classes below or head to our blog for lifestyle tools to support your SACRED. 


Before You Live Stream...

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When yoga is a lifestyle, there literally are "no days off" but that does not mean we must power thru and add to the chaos that is already so prominent in our pace of life. The philosophy teaches us the importance of acceptance AND discipline, of strength AND surrender. Each of our six class styles are part of a balanced approach that works to purify the body physically and energetically.  

Use as a comprehensive approach to health & wellness.

Explore which practice is right for you today:


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by {sacred} thread yoga

Atlanta Locations:

Old Fourth Ward

828 Ralph McGill Blvd 

Atlanta, GA 30306


East Atlanta

465 Flat Shoals Ave

Atlanta, GA 30316

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