Taoist Elemental Yin Series with Malerie

Taoist Elemental Yin Series with Malerie

Yin yoga has a few different approaches but in the early days of yin Paul Grilley learned yin from Paulie Zink who he first saw on TV teaching yin yoga to athletes. Paulie was focusing on teaching earth style yin as he thought it was the most beneficial at the time to those particular athletes. Somehow this led to earth yin being the dominant yin taught and passed down. It's what we find predominantly in studios today.

There are more yin approaches which are based on the taoist elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Earth as you might have experienced means we rest in lots of stillness and we are slow to change. It's a style where there are longer holds and we are quite passive. This is a great practice however it is simply one way. If you're interested in a different lens then this is the series for you.

In this series we will get into the five forms of elemental yin. Each class is a 30-40 minute pre-recorded video and focuses on a single element. While it is still yin and there will be some stillness regardless of the element there will also be fluidity, activity and more to explore. Besides how we approach the poses we will also use the elemental colors for visualization and speak to the emotions linked to each style.

I recommend them to be taken in order of Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, Fire.

I'm a big proponent of moving the body in all kinds of ways to maintain health, mental and physical adaptability and awareness. This series is one way to get you out of your habits and feel out other ways to engage with your body.

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The series launches December 18th - just in time to use it for a winter solstice ritual of absorbing, reflecting and turning inward. You will have access to the course for 30 days.

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Taoist Elemental Yin Series with Malerie
  • Taoist Yin Series - Earth Yin (5-Part Series)

    This class will probably feel cozy and familiar. It is slow and steady with lots of stillness - just what you'd expect of an earth focused class. The sequence focuses on the hips. You'll want two blocks, a bolster and a blanket for class. Earth gives birth to metal which is the next suggested pra...

  • Taoist Yin - Metal Yin (5-Part Series)

    When metal gets infused into a yin practice there are more straight lines as well as contracting and rigidity. While we hold a pose for some time it is stop and start. So while we still have time in the pose but it isn't steady like earth rather touch and go. The emotion connected to the metal el...

  • Taoist Yin Series - Water Yin (5-Part Series)

  • Taoist Yin - Wood Yin (5-Part Series)

    Wood yin invites us to be springy and sway as to not snap and break. The wood element also means there is a gentle sense of pulling into flexibility like gravity tugging gently on a tree limb. You'll need a strap and a block for this class.

  • Taoist Yin (5-Part Series) - Fire Yin

    Fire is warming, activating, and light. This practice has movement that is reminiscent of fanning the flames. No props needed for class.