Begin - A Series to Start Yoga Now

Begin - A Series to Start Yoga Now

Always wanted to practice yoga but not sure where to start? Join us for this comprehensive series to demystify yoga and build a foundation for health, strength, and vitality. Annelise Lonidier leads this 20-hour program that dives into ALL aspects of yoga in an approachable way.
Alignment in the physical practice
Building blocks of our breath
A deep dive into the nervous system
Tips for balance, low back, and twists
Intro to deep stretch, restorative, & meditation
Discussions on chakras and energy

If you've practiced yoga but always been afraid to admit you don't understand what your teacher says...this series is for YOU! Don't second guess don't need to be thinner, stronger, younger or even sure of yourself to just BEGIN.

Begin - A Series to Start Yoga Now
  • How Yoga Works...the Nervous System

    This is your starting point for building a foundational practice...start here to understand how yoga can truly impact your mind, body and soul.

  • Breathe to Move - A mini practice with Ujjayi Breath

    Yoga is simply not yoga without an awareness of breath. In this 25-minute mini practice we'll practice diaphragmatic breathing and work that into Ujjayi breath - the foundational breath of vinyasa yoga. This practice will get you moving thru a sweet floor flow and sync movement to breath so you...

  • Getting Steady in Downward Dog

    Downdog is often given as a "resting pose" in vinyasa yoga classes but it might feel like anything but... Why is that? Well, for one. us teachers may be leading you astray because downdog is not truly a resting pose. It requires an active body, mind and breath, and while it IS a good place to pau...

  • Deconstructing How We Stand Pose (Tadasana)

    In this 7-Minute Tutorial you'll see how standing posture becomes a building block for other shapes in yoga. I'll take you through a few engagements and show you what it tooks like to rebuild your standing alignment and transitioning it into plank.

  • Aligning Warriors for Power & Stability

    This is a 20-minute practice that focuses on aligning knees & feet in standing warrior postures. We'll deconstruct Warrior 2, Crescent, Side Angle, Triangle. In each shape you'll get tips for aligning without compromising your stability.

  • Sun Salutations for Beginners

    This is the perfect way to start...take a few tutorials, practice the breath and THEN add this 20-minute salutations to your week. Take it once weekly for a foundation and at least twice a week to truly make progress...

  • Twists for a Healthy Spine Tutorial

    Twisting is one of the more powerful ways of moving in yoga and for many, can provide relief of low back, hip and shoulder stiffness but it's important to understand the principles of a stable twist. Take this tutorial to check your form!

  • Building Functional Core Strength

  • Twists for a Healthy Spine - The Practice

    Twisting is super beneficial for most bodies. Not only does it help to release tension in the low back but twisting can strengthen the spine & core while also moving energy and stimulating digestion. It's a "super food" of yoga.

    In this gentle flow you'll move through a series of twists an...

  • Let's Talk Balance

    In this 8-minute lecture you'll get major tips to balance. While you may not (or you may!) come back to this often - don't skip this one.... it leads into your standing balance flow and will help you even if you think you dont need the help!

  • The practice of Balance

    Balance is one area that can definitely improve with practice and will definitely not get better when we avoid it. Take this 9-minute mini practice on balance 2x a week for maintenance and 3+ times per week to make real progress!

  • Half Moon Balance when You Want a Challenge

    When you're ready for a challenge, head to the wall to expand! We often think props and the use of the wall make us seem "weak" but in this tutorial you will see how using a wall will actually challenge even the most advanced student!

  • Open Heart, Strong Back

    When we expand the chest we energize our bodies...But chest opening is not "backbending". In fact, it is about creating length and strength in the spine while opening the musculature of the front body. Take a quick trip to your mat for this mini-heart opening practice and tutorial.

  • The Healthy Pigeon

    Pigeon is one posture that tends to fan the flames of the eog... why? Because we are so driven by the external appearance of things we often bypass what lies beneath... and how a shape FEELS. The external look begins to drive our "goal-oriented ego" and we chase the idea of perfection here. Let...

  • Deep Stretch

    So many of us come to yoga to get more flexible, not understanding there are many different forms of yoga... some naturally align with flexibility and others are more about stress reduction or strength. In this 45-Minute practice you'll learn about the concept of "Deep Stretch" and begin to feel ...

  • Begin - THE PRACTICE (a 50-Minute Beginner Flow)

    Ready to test your knowledge? Your Patience? Your ability to be disciplined AND let go? Put it all together for a 50-minute beginner power series and see what happens when you build a practice from the ground up!

  • What are Chakras?

    To get the most out of your practice you'll want to begin digging into the non-movement aspects of yoga like the breath and meditation. Chakras are one of these "subtle" tools of yoga that make a big difference over the long haul. While you'll get an impact whether you know what is happening or...

  • Introduction to Restorative Yoga

  • Introduction to Meditation thru Yoga Nidra

    Meditation is, perhaps, more powerful than any other form of yoga but we can have alot of resistance when we start. Yoga nidra is a different practice that achieves a similar brain pattern and results - and it might be more accessible...