Livestream Tuesday Day Pass

Livestream Tuesday Day Pass

Join us for one or both of our Tuesday Livestreams

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Livestream Tuesday Day Pass

3 Videos

  • Cardio Flow with Malerie, 45 Minutes (Live 3.1.21)

    Inspired by Aparigraha - non-possessiveness - this practice is a twisty ladder flow that explores revolved side angle. Grab blocks! Music for class:

  • Mindful Hot with Malerie, 45 Minutes

    This is a hip focused class that builds towards the option of flying pigeon with sustainable success in mind. Grab blocks and have some wall sapce available. music for class:

  • {sacred} Flow All Levels with Malerie, 50 Mins (Live 3.2.21)

    Are you in sustainable growth or have you embraced overwhlem as a marker of your evolution? Today we explore what it means to rest in challenge without tumbling over into defeat. This is twist and hip centered flow allowing a chance to explore grasshopper pose. Grab some blocks.

    Music for class...