Livestream Sunday Day Pass $15

Livestream Sunday Day Pass $15

Join us for one or both of our Sunday Livestreams

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Livestream Sunday Day Pass $15

4 Videos

  • Sun Salutation with Annelise (Livestream 1/10) 45 Minutes

    Work into heart and hamstrings with an option to invert if you're game!
    Grab two blocks and a blanket...

  • Yin + Restore with Annelise, 50 minutes (Livestream 1/10)

    Shoulders, Lungs, and Deep Twists...

  • Sun Salutations with Annelise (45 Mins) Reap & Sow

    In this 3rd Chakra Inspired Sun Salutation practice we'll work to own exactly where we stand and cultivate intention around the work we need and must do... With an option to handstand (dont get nervous!) it's nice to have a strap and a wall space for this one...

    Music here: https://open.spotif...

  • Yin + Restore with Annelise, 45 minutes (Live 1.17.2021)

    Deep Hips, Deep Heart... we'll work into some shapes we tend to avoid so have extra props and wall space... Music for class: