How to Keep Your Practice During Pregnancy

How to Keep Your Practice During Pregnancy

When we get pregnant our life rapidly changes. While it's a beautiful time, it can also be unnerving, intimidating and sometimes even a bit painful. This series is developed for experienced yoga students with a consistent practice (or who have been practicing casually for years) who want to maintain the sense of peace and sense of self their practice provides.

This is not your typical prenatal class. It's a series to empower YOU to learn about your body and tailor your regular practice to fit your needs. Why? Because this allows you practice when and where you normally might but without compromising your safety or pushing yourself too far and too hard.

Join {sacred} founder Annelise on this 20-part journey through tutorials, mini-practices and specially designed sequences that teach you modifications and inspire a sense of self-trust. Some tutorials may be "one and done" teaching you exactly what you need to incorporate into your regular classes. Others are great mini-practices that will guide you through a series of exercises...and they may feel so good you want to do them weekly.

You'll get tutorials and practices for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th trimester from someone who has been teaching yoga for over 20 years and modified her own practice for the duration of her pregnancy. Join us here and you'll get access to our private facebook group...a support system of sorts for local, eclectic mamas just like you. This program is yours to use as often as you like with a one-year rental of $159.00. It will see you all the way through your pregnancy!

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How to Keep Your Practice During Pregnancy
  • KYPDP - Core for First Trimester

    Core work is tricky during pregnancy but a strong, healthy midsection is a major KEY to eliminating pain and discomfort later in the journey. Start in your first trimester with this 10-minute core practice. Wanna take this often? Start at 2:38 minutes where the work begins! This practice is targe...

  • KYPDP - 1st Trimester Vinyasa Flow when Your Tired

    When you're tired it can be hard to make it on your mat but this short 20-minute practice will give you a boost without wearing you out. This is an all levels flow that touches the whole body and teaches you the first couple of modifications you want to adopt in your practice.

  • KYPDP - Nostalgia Flow to Explore What You'll Miss

    As we move into this journey our bodies will surely shift, change and rise to respond to the needs of our baby and ourselves. It's actually quite awesome's not without nausea, heartburn, swollen feet, body aches and (for me) migraines. This is why we gotta savor our practice from the ve...

  • KYPDP - Upper Body Opening

    This quick 10-minute tutorial and mini-practice is great for any trimester to open the heart. Use it in first trimester to keep full range of motion, in second trimester to help off set the spinal changes and distribution of weight, and in third trimester when sleeping on the side throws extra w...

  • KYPDP - 12-Minute Practice for Strong Glutes

    Sciatica and low back pain can have many causes but sometimes strengthening the glutes helps resolve it. In this 12-minute toning practice we'll work through two strengthening exercises that target the gluteus medius and then move into a few deep stretches to keep a balanced low body.

  • KYPDP - Second Trimester Vinyasa Practice for Hamstrings, 30 Minutes

    Feeling a bit tight? This practice is good anytime but is specifically designed for late 1st or early 2nd trimesters. It will work thru the hamstrings. You'll want two blocks (important for modifications) and a blanket, strap and bolser (or equivalent household items). Wanna listen to some music ...

  • KYPDP - 2nd Trimester, How to Flow with Blocks

    This quick 8-minute tutorial will walk you through how blocks can save your flow... Yep - into second trimester it may become more difficult to take chatarunga without putting undue pressure on your shoulders. Your shoulders will get enough once you're holding that baby in real life! But taking c...

  • KYPDP - Create Space for Psoas & Round Ligament

    In the 2nd Trimester (approximately) many of us find round ligament pain as the belly begins to expand and requires space in the pelvic girdle. Here you'll learn two ways to create space for the round ligament and lengthen the psoas. Our psoas is an emotional "deep" muscle that connects to the ...