Livestream Friday Day Pass

Livestream Friday Day Pass

Join us for Friday classes live!

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Livestream Friday Day Pass
  • Flowing to Stillness with Malerie (Live 4.23)

    We all lose past versions of ourself. Sometimes it's due to loss, our health, discovering who we want to be etc. How do we find peace with this version? Or the ones to come? Join me for this hip relasing vinyasa to restorative. Grab two blocks, a bolster, two blankets and some wall space for clas...

  • {sacred}flow All Levels with Malerie, 30 Minutes

    Today's sequence is steady, sustained and standing. We are focusing on endurance in the legs, calmness of the breath and the capacity to stay still. It's the perfect class if you've got a headache or you're needing to stay off your wrists. No props needed but have some wall space.


  • {sacredflow with Malerie (LIve 5.7.21)

    A slow mindful approach to accessing the upper back and shoulders. There may be intensity as this area of the body is often neglected but we will take it slow. Grab two blocks, a blanket and some wall space for class.

  • {sacred}flow All Levels with Malerie, 30 Minutes (Live 5.14.21)

    We know that breaking things down into smaller chunks makes them more manageable, less stress inducing and provides a sense of accomplishment and we do it all the time to our benefit. Yet when it comes to our lives most often we do anything but stay present which is the smallest amount of time. T...

  • {sacred}flow All with Malerie, 30 Mins (Live 5.21.21)

    Join Malerie for an energetic short flow exploring balance and focusing on staying internally centered even when the scale tips! Blocks are optional.