Annelise Lonidier, E-500RYT
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With a focus on harnessing strength, over flexibility, my style is for the masses. I believe in functional transitions that are always changing yet consistently tap into core strength. My style is motivational. I pull inspiration from things as varied as the Yoga Sutras and my eternal fondness of Muhammad Ali. I believe in a fluid practice that constantly "moves the cheese" but touches the entire body -- ending in a long, restful savasana.

I have been practicing since 2001 and teaching since 2004. I hold a 500hr certification from Laughing Lotus NYC with a 100HRs of training in yin and energy work. I am also working toward a 300HR with Yoga Medicine. These two programs touch on the opposite spectrums of "what I love about yoga" --- it's innate ability to heal and connect us to our physical body and it's ancient wisdom of what's beyond the physical body.

I practice yoga because it is a saving grace that brings clarity, adjusts my attitude and reminds me every time how strong I can be. I teach in hopes that everyone leaves their mat feeling the same way.

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  • Yin + Restore with Annelise, 45 minutes (Live 1.17.2021)

    Deep Hips, Deep Heart... we'll work into some shapes we tend to avoid so have extra props and wall space... Music for class:

  • Sun Salutations with Annelise (45 Mins) Reap & Sow

    In this 3rd Chakra Inspired Sun Salutation practice we'll work to own exactly where we stand and cultivate intention around the work we need and must do... With an option to handstand (dont get nervous!) it's nice to have a strap and a wall space for this one...

    Music here: https://open.spotif...

  • Wrist-Free to Handstands...All Levels Flow with Annelise

    From wrist-free "flow" to handstanding...this 40-minute practice works both the "soft" and "steady" aspects of yoga.  We'll tend to our hands, wrists, shoulders, neck then move through a standing "flow" that prepares us for handstands.  If you have wrist injuries this practice might be great for ...

  • {sacred}sweat with Annelise, 40 minutes (Live Jan 13)

    This practice turns us upside down while working an "L" Shape of the legs. From warrior, to reclined big toe stretch and with a possiblity of handstanding we'll engrain activation of the legs and belly for a strong foundation of "L". Have wall space if possible...

  • Yin + Restore + Nidra with Annelise, 50 minutes (Live Jan 11)

    Working with first & second chakra, this practice takes us into deep hip opening and wall supported (or chair supported shapes)... Grab props, listen to music here:

  • {sacred}sweat with Annelise, 40 minutes (Livestream 1/6)

    Wanna spice up your flow? This practice works transitions that weave around the mat and offer opportunities for deeper expressions. If you would like to play wit spirit dives or chin stand (they have many names!) then have two blocks at the front of the mat....but this is also easily edited out o...

  • Yin Flow with Annelise, 40 minutes (Spotify Music ) 1/6

    Need to love your wrists? Want to learn to handstand and use your wrists?
    this practice is wrist work for both those who want more and well as a little low back and hamstring care! Have a strap or towel, bolster, blanket and blocks.

  • Yin + Restore with Annelise, 45 minutes (Livestream 1/3)

    Hips, hamstrings, & heart... Grab two bolsters or 2-3 pillows, a blanket, two blocks and possibly even a strap.
    If you don't have these props - you'll be ok :-) Lot's of ways to set things up for. your body. Find music here-->

  • Yin Flow with Annelise, 30 minutes (Spotify Music with Mose ) 12/30

    In today's practice we'll work through shoulders & heart to bind and unravel tension of the spine. Music to Flow here:

  • Cardio Flow with Annelise, 45 minutes (Livestream 12/28)

    Ready to move and sweat? This class works the traditional flow combined with repetition of cardio segments, non-traditional movements and core work. Music for class:

  • Flowing to Stillness with Annelise, 40 minutes (Livestream 12/28)

    Ground and settle after the business of the holidays. If you've been stagnant and need to move..this practice offers a rhythmic pace to ground in the presence of awareness, move energy and settle into stillness. Grab two blocks, a bolster and a blanket. Music for class: https://open.spotify.c...

  • Yin + Restore with Annelise, 45 minutes (Livestream 12/27)

    Need a deep reset? Grab two pillows, a strap, two blocks or as much of this as you have... we'll work through the shoulders, hips, low back, hamstrings and into a few active deep stretches as we integrate form, function, opening and deep relaxation. find music here:

  • Sun Salutation with Annelise, 45 minutes (Livestream 12/27)

    Grab a block and a strap as we work into binds in today's sequence of salutations... Music for practce:

  • Yin Flow with Annelise, 35 minutes (Spotify Music of Maxwell ) 12/23

    Alotta yin, alittle flow...with music from Maxwell.
    It's a nice treat for the holiday season and cold, darkness of winter.
    Grab a full bag of props (whatever you can find) including a strap or scarf...

  • Mindful Hot with Annelise, 55 minutes (Livestream 12/22)

    For this practice it's nice to have a block and a strap :-) ... we'll be working into twists and binds. For music...

  • Restorative with Annelise, 35 minutes (Livestream 12/21)

    This short, 35 minute restorative practice dives into te dark of solstice and within ourselves. Have at least two blankets, a bolster and if possible a block. Extra blankets are nice too ...

  • Cardio Flow with Annelise, 45 minutes (Livestream 12/21)

  • Sun Salutation with Annelise, 45 minutes (Livestream 12/20)

  • Yin with Annelise, 25 minutes (Livestream 12/20) - Part 5

    Two blocks, a blanket, and bolster!

  • Yin Flow with Annelise, 45 minutes (Spotify Music with New Edition) 12/16

    Cold winter days are best spent getting cozy and listening to R&B...or is that just me? This Yin Flow works through lengthening the spine (front & back) in a mini-35 minute format. Grab a strap, blocks and blanket or bolster. Grab this playlist with New Edition here:

  • {sacred}sweat with Annelise, 40 minutes (Livestream 12/16)

  • Mindful Hot with Annelise, 55 minutes (Livestream 12/15)

    Mindful Hot is truly a methodical practice that gives us an opportunity to flow while sequentially moving through the body's tightness. It's a practice for beginners due to the slower and more static pace. It's a practice for advanced yogis because it gives you time to go toward your edge and try...

  • Restore + Nidra with Annelise, 30 minutes (Livestream 12/14)

    Today's class is mostly Restorative with a short body scan. If you're feeling a bit chaotic, depleted or in need of a gentle opening - it's perfect for that. Grab two blocks, three blankets and a pillow or bolster. Music:

  • Yin + Restore with Annelise, 40 minutes (Livestream 12/13)

    In this practice we'll work a combination of active and passive stretch (so some deep stretch, some yin) and a taste of restorative. Its a great sequence for finetuning and addressing lingering tightness or checking in with your body....especially if your practice is more sporadic or shorter tha...