Annelise Lonidier, E-500RYT
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With a focus on harnessing strength, over flexibility, my style is for the masses. I believe in functional transitions that are always changing yet consistently tap into core strength. My style is motivational. I pull inspiration from things as varied as the Yoga Sutras and my eternal fondness of Muhammad Ali. I believe in a fluid practice that constantly "moves the cheese" but touches the entire body -- ending in a long, restful savasana.

I have been practicing since 2001 and teaching since 2004. I hold a 500hr certification from Laughing Lotus NYC with a 100HRs of training in yin and energy work. I am also working toward a 300HR with Yoga Medicine. These two programs touch on the opposite spectrums of "what I love about yoga" --- it's innate ability to heal and connect us to our physical body and it's ancient wisdom of what's beyond the physical body.

I practice yoga because it is a saving grace that brings clarity, adjusts my attitude and reminds me every time how strong I can be. I teach in hopes that everyone leaves their mat feeling the same way.

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  • {sacred}flow, 40 Minute Practice for Fall with Annelise

    As we shift gears into the start of Fall, this practice gives us a steady introduction to the seasonal element of Metal and it's analogy of "structure" and "stability". Using Traditional Chinese Medicine and it's centering of nature as our guide, this class is designed to motivate us to find sta...

  • Sacred Flow with Annelise; 40-Minute Flow

    Based on principles of Chinese Medicine theory, this practice is crafted for summer and or anytime we need a boost of "expansion", to create space in our bodies or to tap into the playfulness of our practice. We'll work through the side body (wood element and meridians) to nourish the fire energ...

  • {sacred}Flow with Annelise - Heart Opening (Wheel & Advanced Variations)

    Wanna tackle wheel pose this year? Or just feel your body could really benefit from opening the neck, shoulders, psoas and heart space? Join Annelise for this mini-sacred flow that leads into deconstructing wheel using props and potentially even your furniture to help. Music for class: https:...

  • Mindful Hot - Enter the Darkness / Hamstrings & Folds (60 mins)

    This Mindful flow just needs a little extra heat or awareness of breath to feel like you're in the studio with us ❤️... As we embrace the elements at play - winter solstice, the holidays and our covid chaos - we can run away or we can sit with it. This practice is a turning inward to the darknes...

  • {sacred}flow - Waking Up Joy (twists & splits) with Annelise

    Joy is our inherent way of being and while it's natural to sometimes want life to bring us joy - there is power in understanding we are ALREADY joyful beings. This practice is about waking up the muscles and movements we sometimes forget about as a way of embodying our "wholeness". We'll work i...

  • Posture Lab with Annelise (Arm Balance - Half Crow, Half Flying Splits)

    Posture Lab is a vinyasa-based practice with strong hints of alignment, yin and strength work that allows us to explore an advanced "peak pose". Today's practice works on half crow-half titibasana arm balance. You'll open back body, wrists, hamstrings, inner thighs and work through crow and thi...

  • {sacred}flow with Annelise - Softening the Edges

    This mini sacred flow practices works into the untouched and often forgotten parts of our body... grab music for class here

  • Sun Salutations + Hamstrings with Annelise (40 Mins)

    A vigorous mini-salutation practice coupled with hamstring work to bring us into loving awareness of the body. You'll learn a little about the koshas as we are centered on the kosha of our physical body....and perhaps get a fresh perspective on the obstacles in life right now. Music for class.....

  • Sun Salutations + Hamstrings with Annelise

    A vigorous mini-salutation practice coupled with hamstring work to bring us into loving awareness of the body. You'll learn a little about the koshas as we are centered on the kosha of our physical body....and perhaps get a fresh perspective on the obstacles in life right now. Music for class.....

  • Cardio Flow with Annelise, Strength & Tone

    Grab two blocks, a strap and a bolster. This 30-minute high intensity flow + 15 minute cool down is a perfect mid-day boost. Feeling sleepy? Need to move? We gotcha covered.

    Music for class -

  • Sun Salutations to End the Day with Annelise

    For todays flow it would be ideal to have a pillow and blocks.
    If you don't have blocks the a nearby chair would work (even a sofa or ottoman you can place your legs onto).
    Grab music here....

  • 2021-07-25 11-45-24

  • {sacred}flow All with Annelise, 60 Minutes - Heart & Hips

    Insert your own magic with this practice that honors the way life slows down on rainy a wise "time out" in our week that nudges us to take stock of where we are and what we need. This class works into eagle arms, cactus arms and the space of the hips for a nice balanced dose of "Hear...

  • Sun Salutations with Annelise - Neck & Spine

    Music for class... This flowing practice works to cultivate awareness of the cervical spine and our 5th chakra of self-expression. If you're dealing with tension in the neck or shoulders this may be a nice flow for yo...

  • Sun Salutations with Annelise (45 Mins) Live 6.20

    Today's practice is a classic salutation to honor the SOLSTICE... Many times during solstice you'll see 108 Salutation practices as a way to honor the sun, purify the body and challenge our determination and focus. Today we'll work these elements as we move through traditional salutations and in...

  • Sun Salutations (45Mins) with Annelise

  • Sun Salutations with Annelise, 45 Mins (Live 6.6.21)

    Today's practice works into the deep knots & binds of our body and mind through the art of stillness. Our salutations are designed to move SLOWLY with long breaths and a zen fluidity in our movements. Grab a strap and a block. Music for class:

  • Sun Salutations with Annelise, 50 mins (Live 5.23.21)

    Wake up with a steady mix of movement and stillness. Today's class works toward handstand but...before you pass it by - if you aren't ready to invert you can still join us. We're working wrists, shoulders, heart and hamstrings too....

    music for class:

  • Sun Salutations with Annelise, 45 mins, Live 5.16.21

    Music for today's practice....

    Have a strap and two blocks... this salutation is all about nurturing oursevles into the joy of Sunday <3

  • {sacred}flow All with Annelise, 50 Minutes

    In the modern, computer-based lifestyle most of us live - our upper body is overused but remains's a combination of sitting, computer work, posture and our ability to do these things mindfully that keeps the upper back and chest muscles weak, tight, and chronically stressed. Today's cl...

  • Yin + Restore with Annelise

    Our "ego" is a necessary component of connection, ambition, and ultimately joy - but finding a healthy balance is difficult. This 35-Min practice is designed to tap into ego through an alternation of "gentle" and "intense". Have as many props (pillows, blankets, straps, scarfs, blocks) as you c...

  • Sun Salutations 45 with Annelise (Live 4.18)

    Grab two blocks and a strap as we work into our egos for alittle spring cleaning today! Music for class -

  • {sacred} Flow All Levels, 50 Mins with Annelise

    Want a practice that moves but also gives plenty of opportunities for rest?
    This is for you... this practice is one of building trust as we move into wheel.
    Have two blocks, a bolster, and a bit of patience.
    Music for class -

  • Yin + Restore with Annelise (Live 4.11.21)

    We're working the idea of expansion and contraction...opening up and turning inward - grab pillows blankets, blocks and anything else you have available to you. Music for class -