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Watch Open Heart, Strong Back

Watch Open Heart, Strong Back

Open Heart, Strong Back

Begin - A Series to Start Yoga Now • 13m

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  • The Healthy Pigeon

    Pigeon is one posture that tends to fan the flames of the eog... why? Because we are so driven by the external appearance of things we often bypass what lies beneath... and how a shape FEELS. The external look begins to drive our "goal-oriented ego" and we chase the idea of perfection here. Let...

  • Deep Stretch

    So many of us come to yoga to get more flexible, not understanding there are many different forms of yoga... some naturally align with flexibility and others are more about stress reduction or strength. In this 45-Minute practice you'll learn about the concept of "Deep Stretch" and begin to feel ...

  • Begin - THE PRACTICE (a 50-Minute Beg...

    Ready to test your knowledge? Your Patience? Your ability to be disciplined AND let go? Put it all together for a 50-minute beginner power series and see what happens when you build a practice from the ground up!