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Watch Building Functional Core Strength

Watch Building Functional Core Strength

Building Functional Core Strength

Begin - A Series to Start Yoga Now • 13m

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  • Twists for a Healthy Spine - The Prac...

    Twisting is super beneficial for most bodies. Not only does it help to release tension in the low back but twisting can strengthen the spine & core while also moving energy and stimulating digestion. It's a "super food" of yoga.

    In this gentle flow you'll move through a series of twists an...

  • Let's Talk Balance

    In this 8-minute lecture you'll get major tips to balance. While you may not (or you may!) come back to this often - don't skip this one.... it leads into your standing balance flow and will help you even if you think you dont need the help!

  • The practice of Balance

    Balance is one area that can definitely improve with practice and will definitely not get better when we avoid it. Take this 9-minute mini practice on balance 2x a week for maintenance and 3+ times per week to make real progress!