Yin & Yin Flow

Yin & Yin Flow

Based on the Taoist concept of yin and yang - this practice features a series of long-held, passive, mostly floor-based, shapes that focus on the lower part of the body - the hips, pelvis, inner thighs, lower spine. These areas are especially rich in connective tissues. A regular yin practice can have considerable impact to chronic tightness and imbalances caused by overuse. It's best to come cool so that we tap less into muscular length and more into fascial tension. This practice has instruction with prop suggestions but is otherwise a relatively quiet, fertile ground.

Yin is offered as a stand alone practice or as a fusion with flow or restorative. Our flow fusion (Yin + Flow) is set to a music back drop that focuses on a single artist, album or theme.

Yin & Yin Flow
  • Yin & Restorative (take a breath) 60 minutes with Malerie, 6/23

    It has been stifling out. To the point where sometimes I open my front door and it feels like I can't even take a deep breath. This class is predominantly focused on the side body to aid in lung capacity. Grab two blocks, a bolster and a blanket to get started.


  • Yin and Restorative (Resting in Chaos) with Malerie, 60 mins (5/29)

    We have all been dealing with a lot of chaos for a long time. Our minds and hearts are confused. It seems like continual mayhem that's out of our hands. So what do we do? When we can't take action or there's nothing else we can do we have to come to terms with resting amongst the chaos. So today ...

  • Yin and Restore with Malerie, 60 minutes (4/24)

    Join Malerie for a Meditative Yin and Restorative practice focused on Creation and Manifestation. You'll need wall space, a bolster, two blocks and a blanket at minimum. We always suggest having more props (pillows/blankets) around so you can make adjustments to better serve your body based on wh...

  • Deep Dive Yin and Restore with Malerie, 90 minutes (2/26)

    A deep dive inward. There’s a lot going on in the world and sometimes in the midst of big turmoil we lack the capacity to step away from the new, social media, etc. We’ve never lived in more of a time where it’s hard to step away. We are deeply neglected of space to reset our nervous system and b...

  • Yin and Restorative (knee friendly) with Malerie, 50 minutes (1/19)

    When you've got knee pain the hip openers often found in yin specifically can be hard to navigate around. This class is knee friendly. In fact your legs won't be doing much this class. It's the perfect chance to focus on the spine. You may need more props to ensure your knees are supported in the...

  • Yin with Malerie, 60 minutes (1/8)

    This practice is a yin class for the whole body focusing on the major areas. Our dharma explores releasing the pressure of behaving differently in a new year with the hope of settling our nervous system. You'll need wall space, a blanket and two blocks as a minimum but more props are always welco...

  • Yin and Restorative with Malerie, 60 minutes (12/22)

    It's post solstice and the light will slowly continue to build. This practice is about embracing illumination. As we move we will explore sensation as illumination and potentially use the breath to highlight areas even more. Asana has an emphasis on the heart and hips. Yin holds are shortened for...

  • Yin (Neck and Shoulders) with Malerie, 30 minutes (12/16)

    This one is for those times when you feel tension built up in your neck and shoulders. Because the neck is delicate we do relatively short holds with a variety of positions without overwhelming the neck. You'll need a strap and a blanket for practice.


  • Yin (2nd chakra) with Malerie, 20 minutes (12/5)

    Chakra is often translated as "opening" but a more accurate translation is "breaking." Today we explore the sacral chakra through asana, mantra and reflection. Grab two blocks, a bolster and three blankets.

    Accessibility: Movement is done seated and lying down with shorter holds than traditiona...

  • Yin and Restorative with Malerie (Adele 30 Album), 60 minutes 11/21

    Whether you've already listened to 30 by Adele or are listening for the 1000th time this practice is built around the feeling of the album. To me it's all heart and hips. Big emotions. Let's soak it up together. This class has minimal talking on my part to let you immerse once settled in the pose...

  • Yin and Restore with Malerie, 60 minutes (11/6)

    This is THE full body touch up. It hits all the big areas of the body and shape categories including an inversions, hips, forward folds, back bending, twists and shoulders. If it's been awhile since you got on your mat or want a little love all over this is it.

    Have some wall space, two blanke...

  • Yin and Restore with Malerie, 60 minutes (9/18) - Part 2

    This is an earth element focused practice for grounding and settling. We start with a little pranayama in the first hold to help calm our energy and nervous system. Asana is centered on the lower body. Grab two blocks, two blankets and a bolster.

    Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2WUP...

  • Yin Flow with Malerie (Trevor Hall) , 60 minutes (9/1)

    Today we are listening to Trevor Hall and building up towards titibasana - an arm balance that gets into the hips. You'll need some wall space, two blocks and a blanket for practice. For our dharma we reflect on the temporary nature of uncomfortable situations and emotions.


  • Yin + Restore with Malerie, 60 minutes (8/12)

    Want to see more ways to get the same release so you can choose the best option for yourself? In this class Malerie will take you through the release of your glutes, hips, and hamstrings demoing several ways you may choose to position yourself. There will be an option to use the wall for some sha...

  • Yin Flow (Billie Eilish - Happier Than Ever Album) with Malerie, 60 min (8/2)

    We're listening to Billie's new album for practice - please note this is an explicit playlist. This is a heavily hip focused practice. Grab a bolster, two blankets and two blocks.

    Accessibility note : There is a standing section of class in the end that I'll cue you through. If standing asana i...

  • Chair and Yin with Malerie

    A little half and half. This practice starts with chair yoga that flows more like a standing vinyasa does but with support. Half way through the class we are taking it down to the mat for yin - aka lots of love for your connective tissue that helps release tension. You need a chair, two blankets,...

  • Yin with Malerie, 60 minutes (7/18)

    Today we are utilizing the wall for our yin practice which is actually one of my favorite ways to practice yin. You'll need two blocks, a bolster and a blanket + obviously some wall space! :)


  • Yin Flow with Malerie, 60 minutes (7/7)

    Can we ever get enough hip release? It always seems to me that I can't get enough. We'll be focusing on the hips and legs through the yin portion and switch to a more of a core focus to burn some energy as we close out class with some breath to movement. The flow section is done seated, lying dow...

  • Yin Flow (Anderson .Paak) with Malerie, 50 minutes (6/27)

    Today's yin flow is a little twisty inspired by eagle pose which means a nice way to help benefit to the immune system. We're listening to Anderson .Paak for our featured artist. Please note the playlist is explicit. Grab two blankets and two blocks!

    Music by Anderson .Paak

  • Yin, Breathe, Meditate and Restore with Malerie, 60 minutes (6/22)

    Need a little bit of all the tools to help you destress and unwind? This one is for you then and gives you a chance for some physical release, mind calming, a brain break and last but not least a nervous system reset. Grab one item you want to gaze upon for meditation. This could be a candle, cup...

  • Yin Flow (ft The Beatles) with Malerie, 60 minutes (6/15)

    A little bit of front split work and a whole lot of The Beatles. Grab two blocks, a blanket and a bolster for practice!


  • Yin and Restore with Malerie, 60 minutes (6/6)

    This practice focuses mainly on the lower half of the body. We will also pay a little more attention to the breath with two options to help settle your nervous system into the parasympathetic side. Set up by the wall and have a bolster, blanket and two blocks for class.


  • Yin and Restorative with Malerie, 60 minutes 5/21

    A yin and restorative class that focuses on the hips. We hold so much tension in the hips tied to emotions and this practice will given them the release your body needs. Grab a bolster and three blankets.


  • Yin with Malerie, 50 minutes

    Intimidated by long holds? Then this class is for you because today we are doing shorter holds and working our way through the whole body. A little love all over. Grab a bolster, two blocks and a blanket for class.