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  • Mindful Hot Kayla (Livestream 7.15.2020)

    In this practice we'll use a strap or towel if available.
    Want music for practice?

  • Mindful Hot Kayla (Livestream)

  • {sacred}flow with Malerie, 30 minutes (Livestream 10/31)

    What have you deemed as evil or bad luck? We are expoloring aversions, dvesa klesha. Inspired by black cats crossing our path and how in some cultures it's seen as ill fate while in others it's lucky. The asana centers on forward folds and turning inward to see the stories you've let guide you. N...

  • {sacred}flow with Ashley 60 minutes (Livestream 10/31)

    “Only change is permanent, only change never changes”. Again this week I am strongly reminded of the cyclical nature of life. Personal job changes, friends moving, new online friends, saying bye to relationships that no longer serve me. This flow is dedicating to building trust in the change with...

  • Flowing to Stillness with Malerie, 50 minutes (Livestream 10/30)

    Ghosts from our past often show us what didn't recieve closure, where we supressed our emotions, what we still have expectations around and more unfinished business. They drift in and out before we've even recognized them sometimes. This class focuses on noticing subtleties, lightness and complet...

  • {sacred}flow with Alyx, 55 minutes (Livestream 10/29)

    Need more peace in your life? In this 55-minute practice, we'll work to cultivate more inner peace - using the mantra "Regardless of what surrounds me, I am peace." We'll work to or towards Ustrasana, camel pose.

    Props: 2 blocks, a bolster or pillow


  • Yin Flow with Annelise, 40 minutes (Spotify Music with Sade) 10/28

    This practice is a great one for all levels of yogis, especially beginners... AND we are working into L Shaped Headstand so.... Have wallspace, a sense of humor, two blocks, a few large blankets or pillows and a scarf/belt/yoga strap.... Music:

  • {sacred}sweat with Annelise, 40 minutes (Livestream 10/28)

  • {sacred}flow with Malerie, 50 minutes (Livestream 10/27)

    A sequence inspired by witches which means this practice is about tapping into out own power, intuition and confidence. We will be playing with L sits and shapes reminiscent of them. Think light as a feather stiff as a board and broom stick riding vibes. Make sure you've got wall space and blocks...

  • Mindful Hot with Annelise, 55 minutes (Livestream 10/27)

    Love is essential. It's our theme for the next few practices and today we are focusing on tough love as we continue our work into head stand!

    Want music?

  • Restore + Nidra with Annelise, 35 minutes (Livestream 10/26)

    This sweet, mini-restorative + yoga nidra session is perfect for a busy week. It's 35 minutes, enough time for two deeply relaxing restorative shapes and a light nidra body-scan. Set an affirmation (sankalpa) before you begin. Try it now, in fact! Close your eyes and ask what do I need more of...

  • Cardio Flow with Annelise, 45 minutes (Livestream 10/26)

    Diggin deep - into what is possible even when we aren't sure what is possible.. This practice tests our reserve and endurance.
    Grab two blocks and a blanket

  • Sun Salutation with Annelise, 45 minutes (Livestream 10/25)

    As we head into Scorpio season...a class to honor mystery, decay, and realizations that lie just under the surface of collective conscious. Scorpio knows that decay is just as important as growth in nature's great cycles. Without decomposition, our systems get polluted - and this practice works...

  • Yin + Restore with Annelise, 35 minutes (Livestream 10/25)

    Today's practice is the perfect 35-minute reset of the body + mind...We'll move into each part of the body - shoulders, heart, front thighs, back heart, low back, hips & hamstrings before ending in a short, sweet savasana. Have two blocks, one bolster and a few blankets for class
    If you'd like m...

  • Yin with Malerie, 60 minutes (Livestream 10/24)

    Legs need a little love? In this sequence we are focused on the hamstrings, glutes, and hip flexors. Grab blocks, bolster and a blanket to get started.


  • {sacred}flow with Ashley 60 minutes (Livestream 10/24)

    “Be still and know”. This sequence will have longer holds for various deep hip opening poses and time for meditation at the end. When we allow ourselves to settle into self, we find truth and contentment waiting for us.

  • Yin + Restore with Malerie, 75 minutes (Livestream 10/23)

    In this class with Malerie we are working through the chakras looking for a whole body balancing practice that harmonizes us energetically. You'll need blocks, bolster and a blanket.


  • {sacred}flow with Alyx, 55 minutes (Livestream 10/22)

    In this practice, we'll work to accept ourselves where we are, exactly as we are. Working with the yogic guidline, Ahimsa, or nonviolence, we'll release expectations, and love ourselves through this 55-minute practice - working to or towards baby grasshopper.

    Props: 2 blocks


  • Yin Flow with Annelise, 45 minutes (Spotify Music with Janet Jackson) 10/21

    With Music featuring Janet Jackson
    - Today's class is a deep hip and 2nd chakra exploration. Grab as many props as you can (two blocks and three blankets would be great)

  • {sacred}sweat with Annelise, 40 minutes (Livestream 10/21)

    Flow with breath through a creative sequence that works into the inversion of handstand... Clear alittle wall space if needed! Grab two blocks and a strap. Music for class...

  • {sacred}flow with Malerie, 50 minutes (Livestream 10/20)

    Welcome to vata season. This practice is about restoring balance in these cool, windy and dry times which means our practice will be grounding, warming and slow. A counter to the world around us to keep us from tipping the scales too far in either direction. If you like pigeon you'll love this s...

  • Mindful Hot with Annelise, 55 minutes (Livestream 10/20)

    Today we're working on inversion and changing our perspective through bringing new eyes. Grab two blocks...

  • Restore + Nidra with Annelise, 45 minutes (Livestream 10/19)

    Restorative is a process of rest and finding power in stillness. It gives our bodies much needed recovery. In this practice we take four 5-minute restorative postures which lead us into a powerful body scan and mini-nidra practice.

  • Cardio Flow with Annelise, 45 minutes (Livestream 10/19)