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Livestream Archives

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Livestream Archives
  • {sacred}flow with Ashley 60 minutes (Livestream 1/9)

    Repeat after me, I am enough. With the excitement of the new year also comes the weighted pressure that we have to change everything, take in all these consumer ads of products that will make us happier, do better, look better. It can get overwhelming! This class is a journey to the sacred self h...

  • Flowing to Stillness with Malerie, 50 minutes (Livestream 1/8)

    Depending on others can be hard so lets start to address those barriers together. This is a twisty flow with an option for side crow and fallen angel. We will explore our potential to receive support from others with affirmations like "I don't need to do it all" and "Someone has the skill to help...

  • {sacred}flow with Malerie, 30 minutes (Livestream 1/8)

    We are receiving the nourishments at the roots to climb up towards the light. Our class includes anuloma viloma pranayama, an option for headstand, and the affirmation "I am using this to continue on."


  • {sacred}flow with Alyx, 55 minutes (Livestream 1/7)

    "Expectations are just resentments waiting to happen." In this 55-minute practice, we'll work to release expectations as we flow to or towards side crow. Grab two blocks.


  • Yin Flow with Annelise, 40 minutes (Spotify Music ) 1/6

    Need to love your wrists? Want to learn to handstand and use your wrists?
    this practice is wrist work for both those who want more and well as a little low back and hamstring care! Have a strap or towel, bolster, blanket and blocks.

  • {sacred}sweat with Annelise, 40 minutes (Livestream 1/6)

    Wanna spice up your flow? This practice works transitions that weave around the mat and offer opportunities for deeper expressions. If you would like to play wit spirit dives or chin stand (they have many names!) then have two blocks at the front of the mat....but this is also easily edited out o...

  • {sacred}flow with Malerie, 50 minutes (Livestream 1/5)

    Sometimes in order to receive it must be preceded by destruction. Our class is inspired by the goddess Kali. We will take her mudra, embrace the power that comes with evoking her and maybe take some handstand hops from malasana. You don't want to miss this energetic class and groovey playlist. No...

  • Restore + Nidra with Malerie, 40 minutes (Livestream 1/4)

    Let's receive real rest.

    If you google rest you get it defined as "be placed or supported so as to stay in a specified position" and "cease work or movement in order to relax, refresh oneself, or recover strength." Both of which will be the case for us. We will prop the body up well in a forwa...

  • Cardio Flow with Malerie, 45 minutes (Livestream 1/4)

    In this class we are laddering our sequence to build up and build upon. Repetition is the key to receiving greater benefits that are missed by doing something just once. We will be getting familiar with our shapes. Our playlist is movey and groovey while the sequence is hip focused. No props nee...

  • Yin + Restore with Annelise, 45 minutes (Livestream 1/3)

    Hips, hamstrings, & heart... Grab two bolsters or 2-3 pillows, a blanket, two blocks and possibly even a strap.
    If you don't have these props - you'll be ok :-) Lot's of ways to set things up for. your body. Find music here-->

  • {sacred}flow with Alyx 60 minutes (Livestream 1/2)

    In this practice, we'll work to be softer with ourselves as we move our bodies into a new year. Taking time to recognize that we are a breathing thing, a memory to someone, a home to a life. We will work to or towards Urdhva dhanurasana, Wheel Pose. Grab 2 blocks.


  • Flowing to Stillness with Malerie, 50 minutes (Livestream 1/1)

    A new year - a new chance to spread your wings. We never know what the future holds so lets ride the air currents and be the best we can be along the way. We are working towards bird of paradise. You'll need blocks, bolster, and two blankets.


  • {sacred}flow with Malerie, 30 minutes (Livestream 1/1)

    An extra stretchy slow flow that asks you to remember. Remember all you've over come, what you've gained, the things you've learned, the love and support you had this year and more. It's a chance to recognize your resiliency. Grab two blocks and a blanket.


  • A {sacred} release for 2020 / All Levels Flow (50 Mins)

    Take this class tonight, tomorrow and sometime soon. It doesn't have to be 2020 to pause and honor all that this year was and meant.  This practices gives us space to unpack while working into twists, hips, hamstrings, and spinal expansion.  Online and ready for our members anytime or rent it for...

  • Yin Flow with Annelise, 30 minutes (Spotify Music with Mose ) 12/30

    In today's practice we'll work through shoulders & heart to bind and unravel tension of the spine. Music to Flow here:

  • {sacred}flow with Malerie, 50 minutes (Livestream 12/29)

    Our roots are the foundation we build our lives on. What are you anchored by? Are your roots nourishing or toxic? This practice is inspired by the root chakra and our sequence is one that touches on the whole body for a well rounded experience.

    Two blocks for class.


  • Mindful Hot with Malerie, 45 minutes (Livestream 12/29)

    We are working with lots of eagle inspiration and moving towards shoulder pressing pose which is one of the less complex arm balances. Grab two blocks for class.

    Our affirmation is "I am coming together."


  • Cardio Flow with Annelise, 45 minutes (Livestream 12/28)

    Ready to move and sweat? This class works the traditional flow combined with repetition of cardio segments, non-traditional movements and core work. Music for class:

  • Flowing to Stillness with Annelise, 40 minutes (Livestream 12/28)

    Ground and settle after the business of the holidays. If you've been stagnant and need to move..this practice offers a rhythmic pace to ground in the presence of awareness, move energy and settle into stillness. Grab two blocks, a bolster and a blanket. Music for class: https://open.spotify.c...

  • Sun Salutation with Annelise, 45 minutes (Livestream 12/27)

    Grab a block and a strap as we work into binds in today's sequence of salutations... Music for practce:

  • Yin + Restore with Annelise, 45 minutes (Livestream 12/27)

    Need a deep reset? Grab two pillows, a strap, two blocks or as much of this as you have... we'll work through the shoulders, hips, low back, hamstrings and into a few active deep stretches as we integrate form, function, opening and deep relaxation. find music here:

  • Yin Flow with Annelise, 35 minutes (Spotify Music of Maxwell ) 12/23

    Alotta yin, alittle flow...with music from Maxwell.
    It's a nice treat for the holiday season and cold, darkness of winter.
    Grab a full bag of props (whatever you can find) including a strap or scarf...

  • {sacred}flow with Malerie, 50 minutes (Livestream 12/22)

    Our sequence today works towards front splits so we will have lots of hamstring and hip flexor releases as well as some strengthening of the hamstrings to get them warm and ready. We are talking about expanding our boundaries and stretching to new places. Grab two blocks and a blanket for class!

  • Flowing to Stillness with Malerie, 45 minutes (Livestream 12/22)


    These holidays might have us more alone than usual. In class I'll ask you to reflect on everyone and thing you are connected to and it what ways you can still engage with that relationship even if it's in new ways. Our affirmation is "I can connect" and our sequence focuses o...