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Livestream Archives

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Livestream Archives
  • Take a Seat with Malerie, 60 minutes (9/22)

    This practice is for a time when you're feeling down and stuck. When you feel like it'll always be this way. The asana is well rounded to touch on the whole body. We close with a meditation on invoking desirable emotions. Grab a bolster, a block, blanket and some wall space for practice.


  • Yin and Restore with Malerie, 60 minutes (9/18) - Part 2

    This is an earth element focused practice for grounding and settling. We start with a little pranayama in the first hold to help calm our energy and nervous system. Asana is centered on the lower body. Grab two blocks, two blankets and a bolster.


  • Flowing to Stillness with Malerie, 60 minutes, (9/10)

    We've been conditioned to not trust our bodies. It kinda goes like...
    Tired? You don't need more rest but rather more coffee.
    Feeling pain? It's nothing - it's in your head.
    That desire you're feeling? You don't want or need that be strong enough to overcome it.
    Uhhh. No wonder we doubt ours...

  • Yin Flow with Malerie (Trevor Hall) , 60 minutes (9/1)

    Today we are listening to Trevor Hall and building up towards titibasana - an arm balance that gets into the hips. You'll need some wall space, two blocks and a blanket for practice. For our dharma we reflect on the temporary nature of uncomfortable situations and emotions.


  • Flowing to Stillness with Malerie, 60 minutes (8/27)

    This is a lower body focused practice that builds up to a strong dancer variation. Not everything in this class is demoed meaning Malerie will cue you through it but won't be doing the movement - like she would if you were in an in person class. Grab a bolster, two blocks and a blanket.


  • Take a Seat with Malerie, 60 minutes (8/18)

    While this class will be well rounded there will be a bit more focus on the waist, lungs and side body. There will be some pranayama and mantra woven in. Grab two blankets, a strap and a block for class. Class is done mainly seated and lying down but there are a few positions done on hands and kn...

  • Yin + Restore with Malerie, 60 minutes (8/12)

    Want to see more ways to get the same release so you can choose the best option for yourself? In this class Malerie will take you through the release of your glutes, hips, and hamstrings demoing several ways you may choose to position yourself. There will be an option to use the wall for some sha...

  • Yin Flow (Billie Eilish - Happier Than Ever Album) with Malerie, 60 min (8/2)

    We're listening to Billie's new album for practice - please note this is an explicit playlist. This is a heavily hip focused practice. Grab a bolster, two blankets and two blocks.

    Accessibility note : There is a standing section of class in the end that I'll cue you through. If standing asana i...

  • Chair and Yin with Malerie

    A little half and half. This practice starts with chair yoga that flows more like a standing vinyasa does but with support. Half way through the class we are taking it down to the mat for yin - aka lots of love for your connective tissue that helps release tension. You need a chair, two blankets,...

  • Restorative with Malerie, 60 minutes (7/26)

    In today's restorative the spine will go through gentle back bending, side bending, and twisting although let's not forget that restorative is about the nervous system and not the physical body. We are using lots of props to support the body, get as cozy as possible and allow ourselves to experie...

  • Flowing to Stillness with Malerie, 60 minutes (7/23)

    What does cozy feel like for you? What are its qualities? What's essential? Can we be cozy when we aren't resting? Let's explore.
    This class sequence focuses on the spine with a little attention to all the different ways it can move.
    Today we are using the support of a chair for both our vinyas...

  • Yin with Malerie, 60 minutes (7/18)

    Today we are utilizing the wall for our yin practice which is actually one of my favorite ways to practice yin. You'll need two blocks, a bolster and a blanket + obviously some wall space! :)

  • Take a Seat with Malerie, 60 minutes (7/18)

    There is one short section of class that's done standing at the wall for support but the rest of the practice is done seated/lying down/ on hands and knees all while building up to bow pose. You'll need some wall space, a blanket, a bolster and two blocks for class. Let's get into our hearts! htt...

  • Flowing to Stillness with Malerie, 60 minutes (7/16)

    Losing physical abilities whether due to injury, disability, aging, and/or lack of practice are inevitable in this human life. Today we focus on acknowledging how our body has changed so far in this life in ways that we probably fought against a bit. We reflect on what was so important about movi...

  • Pranayama and Restore with Malerie, 60 minutes (7/13)

    Let's unwind together. We will start with some pranayama to calm and center the mind and then move through a series of pastures designed to help you drop inwards. You'll want two blocks, four blankets (can sub towels, sweaters, etc), and a bolster. This is the rest you've been looking for.


  • Take a Seat and Restore with Malerie, 60 minutes (7/9)

    Today's practice focuses on the shoulders and is done seated and lying down. We close with a restorative shape to aid in calming the nervous system further. You need some wall space, two blocks, a bolster, and two blankets.

  • Yin Flow with Malerie, 60 minutes (7/7)

    Can we ever get enough hip release? It always seems to me that I can't get enough. We'll be focusing on the hips and legs through the yin portion and switch to a more of a core focus to burn some energy as we close out class with some breath to movement. The flow section is done seated, lying dow...

  • Take a Seat with Malerie, 60 minutes (7/4)

    This is a complete grounding practice with many different yogic techniques to help center and come home to yourself. We start with some kriyas, move to some asana, take some pranayama and settle into a restorative pose. Class is done seated and lying down. Grab a bolster, two blankets and a block...

  • Yin Flow (Anderson .Paak) with Malerie, 50 minutes (6/27)

    Today's yin flow is a little twisty inspired by eagle pose which means a nice way to help benefit to the immune system. We're listening to Anderson .Paak for our featured artist. Please note the playlist is explicit. Grab two blankets and two blocks!

    Music by Anderson .Paak

  • Chair and Restorative with Malerie, 60 minutes (6/27)

    Need to stop and appreciate your body? This is the class for you. We will start off with a chair practice that focuses mostly on the legs and hips and then move onto the mat for restorative yoga. Grab a chair, a strap, two bolsters, two blankets and two blocks.

  • Flowing to Stillness with Malerie, 60 minutes (6/27)

    How do we find a balance or sthira and sukha? Effort and ease. I know if I rush I ty[ically miss the moment to decide the balance between the two and I fall on either side of the spectrum. Today's practice gives us just enough time to decide the balance (which isn't always equal). This is a leg f...

  • Take a Seat with Malerie, 60 minutes (6/15)

    Today’s class is fire inspired which means a little more strength and core work than usual however we talk about how our connection to the solar plexus chakra is much deeper than any physical strength. In fact you could visualize the entire class instead and if you do happen to take that route I ...

  • Yin Flow (ft The Beatles) with Malerie, 60 minutes (6/15)

    A little bit of front split work and a whole lot of The Beatles. Grab two blocks, a blanket and a bolster for practice!

  • Take a Seat with Malerie, 60 minutes (6/9)

    Today's class is done on hands and knees, seated and lying down. Our dharma is on santosha aka contentment but through the lens of neutrality. The sequence focuses mainly on the lower body but gives a little all around. You'll need some wall space, a blanket, two blocks and a bolster for class.