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Watch this video and more on {sacred}thread yoga

Watch this video and more on {sacred}thread yoga


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Flowing to Stillness (Feel the Hurt) with Malerie, 60 minutes (10/30)

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  • Take a Seat with Malerie, 60 minutes ...

    This practice is for a time when you're feeling down and stuck. When you feel like it'll always be this way. The asana is well rounded to touch on the whole body. We close with a meditation on invoking desirable emotions. Grab a bolster, a block, blanket and some wall space for practice.


  • Yin and Restore with Malerie, 60 minu...

    This is an earth element focused practice for grounding and settling. We start with a little pranayama in the first hold to help calm our energy and nervous system. Asana is centered on the lower body. Grab two blocks, two blankets and a bolster.


  • Flowing to Stillness with Malerie, 60...

    We've been conditioned to not trust our bodies. It kinda goes like...
    Tired? You don't need more rest but rather more coffee.
    Feeling pain? It's nothing - it's in your head.
    That desire you're feeling? You don't want or need that be strong enough to overcome it.
    Uhhh. No wonder we doubt ours...