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Watch this video and more on {sacred}thread yoga

Watch this video and more on {sacred}thread yoga

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Durga Week 5 | Facing Our Ego Pranayama + Link to Energy Meditation

Guided by a Goddess, a 6-Week Series • 12m

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  • Durga Week 5 | Kundalini Inspired Pra...

    This style involves repetitive movement linked to the breath. The movement is done seated and lying down (with one variation shown on hands and knees but there's another way to do it shown seated). While this class is about tapping into different forms of strength don't forget that Durga is also ...

  • Durga Week 5 | Flow for Willpower

    This is a heart opening practice, with an option to build up towards wheel pose, all about the willpower it takes to be kind and loving towards ourselves. We offer up negative habits to Durga and call her to aid us. Movement is done seated, lying down, on hands/knees and has two down dogs. You ma...

  • Parvati Week 6 | Story Time Restore +...

    Ready to get introduced to our final goddess? This is a myth about pulling Shiva out of his deep meditation, sacred relationships, a yogini, commitment and desire. You’ll want two pillows, a bolster and a long rolled up blanket for this one. Class is done lying down.