New This Week

  • Yin (Neck and Shoulders) with Malerie, 30 minutes (12/16)

    This one is for those times when you feel tension built up in your neck and shoulders. Because the neck is delicate we do relatively short holds with a variety of positions without overwhelming the neck. You'll need a strap and a blanket for practice.


  • Take a Seat with Malerie (flying pigeon flipped), 30 minutes (12/16)

    This practice is done seated and lying down for a new perspective on flying pigeon, an arm balance. While we won't actually get on our hands in this one you'll be able to explore this shape in a whole new way and will be especially helpful if this is an arm balance you're working towards. But tru...

  • Third Eye Meditation with Malerie, 20 minutes (12/9)

    This meditation uses a Drishti (gazing point) as the main point of focus. You can do this meditation from any position that is nourishing to your body and allows you to remain conscious. On a deeper level we will address illusions and maybe access some space of clarity.

  • Wake Up with Malerie, 20 minutes (12/9)

    Waking up with yoga can be nice but hard. In this one I meet you where you are - bed. Yup. I highly suggest you practice this one from bed. It is a well rounded practice to connect to your breath and body before you jump into your day. As for props if you're in bed you won't need anything else be...

  • Yin (2nd chakra) with Malerie, 20 minutes (12/5)

    Chakra is often translated as "opening" but a more accurate translation is "breaking." Today we explore the sacral chakra through asana, mantra and reflection. Grab two blocks, a bolster and three blankets.

    Accessibility: Movement is done seated and lying down with shorter holds than traditiona...

  • Pranayama and Meditation for Heaviness with Malerie, 30 minutes 12/2

    This is a chance to explore the relationship of sensation and perception regardless of how you're feeling today but if it happens to be a heavy day this may be supportive to your mental health.

    Some days we just feel heavy and that's normal. But often we get in our heads about it. We may think ...

  • Chair Yoga with Malerie (side body/lungs), 30 minutes 12/2

    We often juggle things that really aren't ours to hold but we take it on thinking we need to do more. Our dharma asks us to take notice of relationships we are drowning in. The ones where we trick ourselves into thinking if we give it more time, set boundaries, explain, have grace, etc. that it w...