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Watch this video and more on {sacred}thread yoga

Watch this video and more on {sacred}thread yoga


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Restore + Nidra with Annelise, 30 minutes (Livestream 11/16)

40 Minutes or Less... • 27m

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  • Yin + Restore with Annelise, 35 minut...

    Mostly yin with a bit of restorative on top <3 this sequence moves through the whole body from toes to finger tips before settling into a restorative heart opener for savasana. You'll have the option to linger if you have more time today... Music:

  • {sacred}flow with Malerie, 30 minutes...

    This wrist free class focuses on using rules to our advantage in order to get creative. I know it seems a little counter intuitive but pop into class and see what I mean. We will be working with forearm plank variations and dolphin. No props needed.


  • {sacred}sweat with Annelise, 40 minut...

    Ready to fly? Wanna open your heart space? this palyful 4-minute class is perfect for you. We'll break down how to modify chin-stand in a flow and then....begin to move.
    Grab two blocks and have a clear wall if you want the extra security (not necessary otherwise!)