Whether you're a beginner or advanced yogi..study + study + study = sturdy!

Find a tutorial to step up your practice...

A not-so-Wild-Thing...

You don't have to be a dancer to build a fluid practice, but there are certain postures that can intimidate the less-coordinated among us and WILD THING was certainly one when we first started practicing. Deconstruct this heart-opener / upper body toner and learn how the WHOLE BODY supports us in a stable (not so wild) wild thing. 

Whatya need to know about Chatarunga 

How many chatarungas will you do in your life as a yogi?  Many! And that's why alignment is super important.  This quick 4-minute tutorial will break down the foundations of alignment. Grab blocks or a stack of books...

Refining Our Downward Dog 

This is a great beginner tutorial but don't let the smooth taste fool you...there is something we all have never realize or forgotten in this quick 5-minute tutorial with {sacred} owner, Annelise Leal.  Refine your downward dog to keep yourself health and keep expanding your energy in this basic shape.

Rolling Over Feet Updog to Downdog

Ready to take your salutations up a notch? Add this subtle action to your transition between up dog and down dog to engage deeper core and step up the fluidity..

Handstand with Confidence

If you've begun shifting weight into your hands and are ready to kick up away from the wall, this tutorial is for you! 

Beyond just learning the foundations of hardstanding, this practice will build your confidence, and help you approach your fear of falling...

Forearm Stand


Inversions challenge our confidence & push our fear buttons.  And, when an inversion adds in a heart opener (the way Forearm stand does), you have the perfect cocktail to spice up life - summon your COURAGE and be playful in this quick tutorial with Kayla.

Handstand with Strength

If you're committed to building a handstand practice or looking to find more stability in your handstand - this 20 minute practice is for you! Lead by former STY teacher, Sumayya Allen, you'll build strength and proper alignment upside down...

Coming Soon

More fun tutorials coming soon!  

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