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Watch this video and more on {sacred}thread yoga

Watch this video and more on {sacred}thread yoga


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{sacred}flow with Ashley 60 minutes (Livestream 11/21)

{sacred}FLOW • 59m

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  • {sacred}flow with Malerie, 50 minutes...

    In this class we are talking about avidya or misunderstanding. In the yoga sutras it is said this is one of the main causes for suffering. We will use the mantra sat nam or truth is my identity as we work towards headstand. Grab a strap for class.


  • {sacred}flow with Malerie, 30 minutes...

    This wrist free class focuses on using rules to our advantage in order to get creative. I know it seems a little counter intuitive but pop into class and see what I mean. We will be working with forearm plank variations and dolphin. No props needed.


  • {sacred}flow with Annelise 60 minutes...

    How do you respond when someone tells you "you are beautiful" or "you are so amazing"? This practice is about the art of receiving....something that makes so many of us feel vulnerable. We'll work on awareness around vulnerability and our ability to receive with confidence and trust <3