New This Season

  • Sacred Flow with Cassandra - 50 Minutes

    Sacred Flow is our signature vinyasa practice. Move at a steady, breath-oriented pace. Integrate anatomic cues and touches of breath & energy work. While each class is different - the practice always progresses to deeper or more complex shapes but is taught at an "all levels" pace.

  • {sacred}flow, 40 Minute Practice for Fall with Annelise

    As we shift gears into the start of Fall, this practice gives us a steady introduction to the seasonal element of Metal and it's analogy of "structure" and "stability". Using Traditional Chinese Medicine and it's centering of nature as our guide, this class is designed to motivate us to find sta...

  • Sacred Flow with Annelise; 40-Minute Flow

    Based on principles of Chinese Medicine theory, this practice is crafted for summer and or anytime we need a boost of "expansion", to create space in our bodies or to tap into the playfulness of our practice. We'll work through the side body (wood element and meridians) to nourish the fire energ...