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Watch this video and more on {sacred}thread yoga

Watch this video and more on {sacred}thread yoga


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{sacred}flow with Malerie, 40 minutes

{sacred}FLOW • 40m

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  • {sacredflow with Malerie (LIve 5.7.21)

    A slow mindful approach to accessing the upper back and shoulders. There may be intensity as this area of the body is often neglected but we will take it slow. Grab two blocks, a blanket and some wall space for class.

  • {sacred} Flow All Levels with Alyx, 3...

    This 30-minute practice is about bringing awareness to the "space between." We'll work with the idea of spaciousness as we move to or towards Urdhva dhanurasana, Wheel Pose. Grab two blocks.


  • {sacred}flow All with Alyx, 30 Mins (...

    "You have survived 100% of your worst days." In this 30-minute practice, we'll tap into our own personal power as we work to or towards Revolved Side Angle (Parivrtta Parsvakonasana). Grab two blocks.