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  • {sacred}flow with Malerie, 50 minutes (Livestream 9/22)

    Durga is the warrior goddess of protection and inner strength - her energy is shown in those who fight for change and equality like RBG and MLK. Today we are focused on action driven by what we believe in and want to protect. The sequence is inspired by the shape yogi dandasana.

    You just need a ...

  • Yin + Restore with Annelise, 45 Minutes (Livestream 9/20)

    You'll need two blocks. In today's fusion of yin + restorative we'll explore plow pose and the back of the heart space before settling into a luxurious supported restoring savasana. Have two blankets (or 3 if you can), blocks and a pillow if possible. Grab music for class -

  • Sun Salutations with Annelise, 45 Minutes (Livestream 9/20)

    Today's practice is a deep dive into the power of breath and expansion of breath. We'll flow slower to do deeper and play it "big" before drifting into a restful savasana. Grab music on spotify: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0ri572EqeYJ8e0tKHfcQxk?si=2aNU16LKTgqDnro55D4hgQ

  • Cardio Flow with Annelise, 45 minutes (Livestream 9/21)

    One of the often avoided spaces lies in the side body...the tissue that runs from under the arms, down the side waist and around the side hips. Today's practice works into stregnth and softness for this space. You'll leave class a little taller too... Music for class.. https://open.spotify.com/...

  • Restore + Nidra with Annelise, 45 minutes (Livestream 9/21)

    If you've had a busy day this practice is designed to help you settle by moving fro short to progressively longer restorative holds. We'll be working into front body expansion and the essence of willpower. Gather as many props are you can... Music for class? https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3PB...

  • {sacred}sweat with Annelise, 40 minutes (Livestream 9/23)

  • Yin Flow with Annelise, 50 minutes (Spotify Music with the Lianne La Havas) 9/23

  • Yin with Annelise, 55 minutes (Livestream 9/24)

  • {sacred}flow with Alyx, 55 minutes (Livestream 9/24)

    Today's practice, we're working to stop reaching for things based on fear. Those things are not for us. Instead, we'll invite them to us through love. Tap into your heart center in this 55-min practice - working to or towards Urdhva Dhanurasana, wheel pose.

    Props: 2 blocks, a blanket

  • Yin + Restore with Malerie, 75 minutes (Livestream 9/25)

    A mix of fire and water. Energizing and passive. This class looks to find balance between the two. Action when it's needed and surrender when it's possible.

    Grab a bolster, two blocks, three blankets and a strap!

  • {sacred}flow with Ashley 60 minutes (Livestream 9/26)

    Today'a practice we are focusing on the concept of duality and how it shows up in our daily existence and how we embody multiple ends of the spectrum at the same time, our tamed nature and our untamed nature. We will root deep through grounding poses (tamed nature) and celebrate the expansive (un...

  • Yin with Malerie, 60 minutes (Livestream 9/26)

    A fire infused yin practice with a sweet surrender in the end. This sequence includes a little engagement and movement for a new take on your yin experience. We will dive into the hips in a variety of ways for a complete release.

    You need a blanket, two blocks and a bolster for practice.