Sometimes in pregnancy, we gain this beautiful loved one but we lose ourselves.

I actually feel guilty even writing that, except that I know it's true and it out to be spoken loudly and often. When I got pregnant I was 40 years old and so grateful to still have an opportunity to bring a child into the world.  It didn't matter if I was sick or slightly neurotic about every little perceived danger out there... I knew how lucky I was to have my husband & the possibility of our new family.

I didn't want to be ungrateful so I held a lot how difficult pregnancy can sometimes be. Fortunately I found yoga when I was 21 years old and have spent the last fifteen years teaching; building two studios and a community in the Atlanta area - Yoga is a huge part of my life.  But Yoga is more than just a job, it is my God-send. Through my practice I was able to move gracefully navigate these feelings, while tending to myself and my little one.  

When I got pregnant I knew the practice would be part of my 9-month journey. I also knew I would never go to a prenatal class. I'm a creature of habit and for me, there is nothing better than unrolling my mat in the studio I call home. Finding a new teacher or studio, would've only been an obstacle standing between me & my practice. 

I'm also lucky that I knew just enough about the basic "do's" and "don'ts" of prenatal yoga that I could get by in a regular class.  And the rest I learned along the way, unrolling my mat in the studio I know and love.  

I learned from seeking out resources in the yoga community - but mostly, I learned by visiting my mat five times a week until late in my 3rd Trimester when my inner wisdom told me not to do yoga anymore (at all) until my baby arrived. 

It's from this combination of training & personal experience that I developed this series.

I probably wouldn't have created this system if I didn't get pregnant... but I'm happy I have, because it's a system I believe every pregnant yogi can use. For the past 15 years I've taught many pregnant women in vinyasa classes. They do their best to modify but even the most experienced often wasn't aware of simple changes that bring more bliss or power. Occasionally I'll get time after class to pass on a few tips and empower them to listen to THEIR body. And many times that is all the student needs.  

What I envision with this program is being able to give THAT type of guidance and encouragement to yogis who LOVE their time on their mat.


We'll work together to remove the obstacles that stand between you and your practice.  To keep you in the studio you love OR to give you guidance (& support!) for your home practice

This system is broken down into Trimesters.  I'll walk you through common questions and give you suggested modifications to keep your practice accessible.  I'll also share how my body changed - - we'll explore postures you may come to cherish for their relaxation and we'll build stability to support you through this journey. 

If you're ready to unlock my full series so that you keep your practice throughout your pregnancy - take the dive here.

For Your Investment of $49.00 you'll get:

  • Trimester-by-Trimester Tutorials on Modifications that progress with your pregnancy

  • 4-Practices (for each stage in the journey) implementing the modifications and tools you're learning

  • Answers to common questions (can I take hot yoga? when should I stop doing crunches? are inversions ok?) 

  • Insight into challenges I faced and how I responded based on my 20 years of practicing yoga

  • Reminders of gratitude, ease, surrender, resetting expectations, honoring the connection between you and your little one and more!

This program is yours for the next 10 months to explore and come back to.  And while I can't guarantee it will answer all of your questions, I can be here as a resource if it does not.  

Do this for yourself, to keep a relationship with yourself through this ever-changing time of life. Grab your subscription now! 

This system is not intended for new yogis or someone who has practiced inconsistently.  If you are new or a "sometimes" student, please take a peak at my resource list with suggestion for Group Prenatal Classes in the Atlanta community or Online.  Please consult your physician or healthcare provider before starting any fitness program.  I do not recommend yoga for those with high-risk pregnancy or injury unless you've been cleared by your physician. 

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