Breath of Joy

this breath is a 3-to-1 breath that invigorates and activates heart & Solar Plexus, plus it's known to make you smile...


this breath is the backbone of an asana practice as it sharps our focus.  Calming, Heating, invigorating.

victorious      Uprising

joyous   breath

So Hum Mantra

this tutorial introduces japa mantra meditation & So Hum Mantra - a great mantra to use when we need to accept what is...

I  am that. 

Lokah Somastah

this mantra is a prayer for peace. use it to elevate your connection to others or as a call to action for compassion. 

may all beings everywhere be happy & free and may my actions bring happiness and freedom for all

Aham prema

Use this tutorial to redirect your energy in a healing way & acknowledge the highest form of love within us

I  am 

Divine Love.


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