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Watch this video and more on {sacred}thread yoga

Watch this video and more on {sacred}thread yoga


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{sacred}flow with Alyx, 55 minutes (Livestream 10/1)

Alyx • 56m

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  • {sacred}flow with Alyx, 55 minutes (L...

    Today's practice, we're working to stop reaching for things based on fear. Those things are not for us. Instead, we'll invite them to us through love. Tap into your heart center in this 55-min practice - working to or towards Urdhva Dhanurasana, wheel pose.

    Props: 2 blocks, a blanket

  • {sacred}flow with Alyx, 55 minutes (L...

    In this 55-minute practice, we'll turn inward - getting out of our head and into our heart. Get ready to shed your ego and gain clarity as we move, breathe and find stillness of mind, together. This practice will work to or towards a variation of dancer's pose.

    Grab two blocks and a strap for cl...

  • {sacred}flow with Alyx, 55 minutes (L...

    This all levels flow focuses on the root and sacral chakras - aiming to ground us into the present moment, accept what is, and release the idea of control. Our mantra for this practice is “Change is constant, be like water.” We will work to or towards Hanumanasana, full splits.

    Make suer to have...